News to June 2010


10/27/2012, Phoebe, RWB, Middleburg Kennel Club, Leesburg, VA, Judge Paul Willhauk
10/21/2012, Phoebe, WB/BOW, Troy Kennel Club, West Springfield, MA, Judge Michael Lanctot
10/19/2012, Phoebe, RWB, Albany Kennel Club, West Springfield, MA, Judge Patricia Lanctot
10/12/2012, Phoebe, RWB, Palisades Kennel Club, Augusta, NJ, Judge Paula Nykiel
8/10/2012 Phoebe, RWB, Mohawk Kennel Club, Ballston Spa, NY, Judge Reeve-Newson
8/5/2012 Phoebe, WB/BOS, Cheshire Kennel Club, Keene, NH, Judge Jim Briley

7/1/12 : WB, Wampanoag KC, Wrentham, MA, Mrs Jean Fournier, 1 Point - Phoebe
6/24/12: WB, Penobscot Valley KC, Cumberland, ME, Mrs Barbara Dempsey Alderman, 1 Point - Phoebe
6/23/12: RWB, Penobscot Valley KC, Cumberland, ME, Mrs Houston (Toddie) Clarke - Phoebe
6/22/12: RWB, Lewiston/Auburn KC, Cumberland, ME - Mrs Robert S Forsythe - Phoebe
6/16/12:  Dunkirk, NY:  Zest and Sharon get BOB-AOH

6/1/12:  Great Dane Club of New England Specialty Show
Seether wins Best Puppy in Sweeps, Best in Sweeps and Reserve Winners Dog (Major)!
Steel wins another Specialty major Select
Sadie was 1st in Rally Adv B and 2nd in Rally Exc B at GDCNE for her 1st RAE leg
6/01/12:  Danica SB at Great Dane Club of Colorado
5/25/12:  Viva earns her Agility Excellent (AX) title!
5/24/12:  Freehold, NJ - Maxwell takes WD for his last single and looking for that last major!
5/24/12 - New Castle, PA:  Zest gets RWB
5/20/12; RWB, Mrs Patti Widdick Neale  York County KC, Scarborough, ME, - Phoebe
5/19/12:  Happy 2nd Birthday to the Troy x Tiara litter (Ch Trooper, Sawyer, and littermates)!
5/15/12:  Happy 4th Birthday to the Maxwell x Ottie litter (Ch Gunther, Ch Pi, Ilsa, Ooli, and littermates)!
5/3/12:  Steel x Hazel puppies born - 6 males/3 females (all blue) - Happy Birthday!
4/28/12:  Happy 2nd Birthday to the Ozzie x Page puppies (Zest, Turner, and littermates)!
4/22/12:  Happy 7th Birthday to the Fang x Billie litter (Ch Troy, Ch Sassy, multi-titled Sadie, Barkley, Jackson, Kasper, Daisy, Maude, and Blueberry Axle)!
4/22/12:  West Springfield, MA, Steel - SD for 2 more points
4/21/12:  West Springfield, MA, Steel - SD for his 4th major and NEW GRAND CHAMPION!  First VETERAN blue GCH!
4/20/12:  West Springfield, MA, Steel - SD for 2 more points (needs 1 single to finish his title)
                                              Hana - WB for 2 points - now maxed out and looking for that last major!
4/4/12:  Happy 10th Birthday to my "old ladies" - Ch Shay, Int'l Ch Violet and Billie!!
3/26/12:  Happy 7th Birthday to the Luca x Tootsie litter!
3/18/12:  York, PA - Ridley WD/BOW for his first MAJOR (4 points) - owner handled!
3/15/12:  York, PA - Steel SD for 2 points
3/13/12:  Happy 5th Birthday to the Steel x Billie litter (Ch Maggie, Misty, Gabby, Tilly)
3/11/12:  Milton, NY - Steel SD (1 point)
3/10/12:  Milton, NY - Steel SD (1 point)
30/9/12:  Milton, NY - Steel SD (1 point)
3/09/12:  Happy first Birthday to the Justin x Grace puppies - Rose and Rider!
3/08/12:  Happy 4th Birthday to the Maxwell x Ellie litter!
3/04/12:  CT River Working Group - Steel Major SD (4 points)
                                                    Hana - RWB
2/25/12:  Suffern, NY - Gunther Major SD (5 points)!
2/24/12:  Suffern, NY - Maxwell RWD
2/13/12:  New York, NY Westminster Kennel Club - GCH Hulett wins Award of Merit (AOM)!  First uncropped blue to take any award at the Garden!
2/19/12:  Great Dane Club of Oxford Specialty Show - Steel Major SD for 5 points!
2/18/12: Great Dane Club of Oxford Specialty Show - Steel Major SD for 5 points!
1/15/12:  Hamburg, NY - Steel SD (2 points)
                                     Ridley - RWD
1/14/12 Danica BOS at Great Dane Club of Tucson
1/13/12 - Hamburg, NY:  Sharon and Zest earn Rally leg #2 with a 2nd place
1/14/12 - Hamburg, NY:  Zest earns her 3rd Rally novice let and 4th place for her new Rally Novice (RN) title!

1/8/12:  Lena - new Canine Good Citizen (CGC)!

2011 WYSIWGY Recap
New Champions:  Gunther Pi, Connor, Maggie, Trooper and Hemi
New Grand Champions:  Hulett and Danica
MACH2:  Tilly
Best in Specialty Show (BISS):  Danica
Companion Dog Excellent Title (CDX):  Viva
Beginner Novice Titles (BN):  Grace and Hulett
Rally Novice Titles (RN):  Gunther
Novice Standard Agility Title (NA):  Viva
Novice Fast Agility Title (NF):  Sadie
Novice Fast Preferred Agility Title (NFP):  Sadie
Novice Agility Jumpers Title (NAJ):  viva
Novice Jumpers Preferred Agility Title (NJP):  Sadie
Open Standard Agility Title (OA):  Viva
Open Agility Jumpers Title (OAJ):  Viva
Great Dane Club of America Versatility Award (GDCA-VA):  Hulett
Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Certification:  Journey, Zest and Sawyer
Therapy Dog International (TDI) Certification:  Zest and Journey
Delta Dog Therapy Dog Certification:  Lena
12/18/11:  Maggie competes at Eukanuba Invitational - Florida
12/11/11:  Providence, RI - Maxwell WD (1 point)
12/04/11:  Fitchburg, MA - Steel SD
11/27/11:  Viva new Open Jumpers Agility (OAJ) title!
11/20/11:  Syracuse, NY - Turner RWD (major)
11/19/11:  Syracuse, NY - Journey RWD (major)
11/18/11: -Syracuse, NY:   Zest's first time in the Rally Novice ring - earns a 96 for 1st place and her first RN leg!
11/11/11:  Fitchburg, MA - Pi SD
10/22/11:  West Springfield, MA - Hemi WD/BOW 3 point major to finish!  New Champion #50 for WYSIWYG!!
                Hana WB for her first MAJOR (3 points)!
10/21/11:  Maggie x Tucks litter born (3 black males, 1 black female, 3 blue females)
10/21/11:  Tilly MACH2 title!  FIRST MACH2 Great Dane in the history of the breed! 
10/17/11:  Augusta, NJ - Maxwell RWD
10/16/11:  Grace x Jacob puppies born
10/07/11:  Wrightstown, PA - Gunther SD (2 points)
                                           Hana RWB
10/06/11:  Wrightstown, PA - Gunther SD (2 points)
10/02/11:  Danica SB - New Grand Champion!  First owner/handled blue GCH!
10/01/11:  Danica SB

9/18/11  Gunther Major SD, Macungie, PA
              Pi - SD, Falmouth, MA
              Danica - SB, AZ
9/17/11  Pi - SD, Falmouth, MA
             Danica - Major SB (her 5th major!), AZ
             Trooper (Troy x Tiara) - NEW AKC Champion!  WYSIWYG Champion #49
             Zest - earned her CGC and TDI certifications!!
9/16/11  Pi - SD, Falmouth, MA
9/15/11  Ridley - WD for his first AKC point!  Gilbert, PA
9/02/11  Happy 5th Birthday to Maxwell and Viva!
             Journey - WD/BOS, Union, ME
8/28/11  Viva new CDX title!!
8/26/11  Viva CDX leg #2 and 2nd place!
8/19/11  Grace- RWB, Appalachin, NY

8/14/11  Hulett - BOS/SD - NEW GRAND CHAMPION!  First Blue male GCH (cropped or uncropped)!
8/11/11  Turner - WD for his first AKC point!  Ballston, Spa, NY
              Maxwell - RWD, Ballston, Spa, NY
8/10/11  Maxwell - WD, Ballston, Spa, NY
7/27/11  Happy 9th Birthday to Tilly and littermates!
7/24/11  Hulett - SD for 2 points
             Grace - Beginner Novice leg #4 192.5
7/23/11  Grace new BN title (score 193.5)
7/22/11  Grace BN leg #2 (score 186)
7/16/11  Maxwell - WD/BOS 1 point, Woodstock, VA
7/15/11  Maxwell - RWD, Turnbridge, VT
              Pi - BOS (SD) 1 point, Turnbridge, VT
7/14/11  Gunther - SD, Turnbridge, VT
             Pi - BOS/SD, Turnbridge, CT
7/13/11:  Happy 4th Birthday to all the Steel x Violet puppies!
7/08/11:  Gunther Rally Novcie B - 3rd leg and NEW RN TITLE!
7/06/11:  Hemi - WD, 1 point, West Springfield, MA
              Gunther Rally Novice B - leg #2
7/03/11:  Hemi -WD/BOW, 1 point, Wrentham, MA
              Hana - RWB/BBBE/BBEGroup 1, Wrentham, MA 
              Gunther - SEL dog, Wrentham, MA
              Annie - Best Veteran/Veteran Group 3, Whitney Point, NY
7/02/11:  Hemi - WD, 1 point, Wrentham, MA
              Hana - RWB, Wrentham, MA
              Pi - SEL dog, Wrentham, MA
              Turner - RWD, Bainbridge, NY
7/01/11:  Maxwell - RWD, Bainbridge, NY
              Grace - RWB, Bainbridge, NY
6/30/11:  Hemi - RWD, Wrentham, NY
              Hana - RWB, Wrentham, NY
              Pi - SEL dog, Wrentham, NY
              Grace - WB/BOS, Bainbridge, NY
6/26/11:  Hulett - Specialty Major SEL dog, Shelby, OH
               Danica - Specialty Major SEL bitch, Shelby, OH
6/24/11:  Maxwell - RWD, New Paltz, NY
               Hana - WB/BOW, 1 point, New Paltz, NY
6/23/11:  Maxwell - WD/BOW, 1 point, New Paltz, NY
6/19/11:  Grace - RWB, Dunkirk, NY
6/17/11:  Hemi - WD, 3 point major!, Dunkirk, NY
               Hulette - SEL dog - major #3!, Dunkirk, NY
6/10/11:  Maggie - WB, 1 point, Yorktown Heights, NY - NEW CHAMPION!  WYSIWYG Champion #48, 1st uncropped blue to finish an AKC championship exclusively from the Bred-by-exhibitor class!
6/09/11:  Hemi - RWD, Yorktown Heights, NY
              Maggie - RWB, Yorktown Heights, NY
6/04/11:  Happy 3rd Birthday to the Shay x Fonzie puppies!
              Pi - SEL dog, Wrentham, MA
5/30/11:  Maggie - RWB, Freehold, NJ
5/28/11:  Maggie - RWB, New Castle, PA
5/26/11:  Maggie - WB, 1 point, New Castle, PA
5/15/11:  Happy 3rd Birthday to the Maxwell x Ottie puppies!

               Hemi - RWD, Woodstock, CT

5/14/11:  Hemi - RWD, N. Stonington, CT

5/07/11:  Hemi - Specialty RWD (4 pt major), Erwinna, PA

               Pi - SEL dog, 1st major, 5 points, Erwinna, PA

5/07/11:  Journey - WD/BOW/BOB, 2 points (CKC), Seaway KC, Canada

5/05/11:  Danica - BEST IN SPECIALTY BOB!!!  Great Dane Club of Raritan Valley, North Branch, NJ, New BISS title!!!

1/14/11 - Hemi, WD for 2 points, S. Gladstone,Hamburg, NY
1/15/11 - Maggie, RWB, Hamburg, NY
1/16/11 - Maggie, RWB, Hamburg, NY
2/3/11 - Hana, BOW for 1 point under S. Gladstone, Wildwood, NJ
          - Hemi, RWD
          - Gunther 1st Rally Novice leg (92)
2/5/11 - Tobi, WD for his second major under R. Shreve
2/15/11 - Danica makes the cut at the Garden!
3/20/11 - Gunther, BOW for 4 points to become a NEW CHAMPION! under Jean Fournier at the CT River Working Group Specialty Show, W. Springfield, MA
4/9/11 - Hana, RWB under Doug Holloway, W. Springfield, MA
4/9/11 - Maggie, BOW for 1 point under Rolalnd Pelland, VA
4/10/11 - Maggie, RWB, David Bolus
4/10/11 - Viva earns her NAJ Title!
4/22/11 - Hemi, RWD, Wendy Willahauk, W. Springfield, MA
4/23/11 - Pi, BOW for 3 points to become a NEW CHAMPION! under Judy Harrington
            - Gunther, BOS for his first Grand Champion Major (3 points)
4/24/11 - Hemi, WD for 1 point, Robert Slay
4/30/11 - Danica, SEL for her second Grand Champion major (4 points) under Marilyn Draper at the GDC of W. PA Specialty


Maggie took WB Saturday 12/11/10 in Gettysburg, PA for her second major under Judge Sharol Candice Way

Hemi took WD for his 5th point on Thursday 12/9/10 in Providence, RI under breeder Judge Nadia Parker

Pi took WD for his first major on Saturday 12/4/10 in W. Springfield, MA under breeder Judge Jane Gray

Annie won Best Veteran and Veteran Group 3 on Friday 12/3/10 at the Great Dane Club of New England Specialty (Phil Gray/

Gunther took RWD on Thursday 12/2/10 in W. Springfield, MA under Judge Barbara Dempsy-Alderman


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